Google project available

I created a Google project and that link is to download the source. I tried my best to make this a good example, check for all errors, make it safe code, document where needed, use my best skills ( such as they are ) and keep to the subject and just include the needed methods and information with no personal info. If somebody wants to "own" and extend this, let me know. It isn't really a game, because you always win, but it does show how this type of thing is coded. The puzzle solver is a little ragged and I could have cleaned that up, but I started in one direction and ended up somewhere else. I will eventually clean it up and remove useless methods. There isn't a lot, but I am picky about the code being clean. I would like every instruction cycle to count. I include "usleep" so that it doesn't generate unnecessary entropy recreating the screen a thousand times a second. Get the code and have some fun. I laughed a lot when I added the flipping tiles and the solver, and the solution sounds. It is worth a laugh to look at and could be a good start for another game. Thanks to too many people who provide examples of open source code.

There should be ample documentation here on the blog to modify any of this code, and if it comes to that and somebody wonders what the h2l I was thinking, leave a comment and I will respond.

Usage instructions:

1: download
2: Extract with option "Extract here"
3: open console in that directory
4: make

Eventually is will get a configure file, but until then you will need to get several dev libraries for SDL, openGL, Xwindows and what else I don't know. I have so many dev packages that I am not sure which apply, or where they are. I suppose I will do "sudo apt-cache search "X"" at some point, but I guess I am weak on the configure part of this and maybe I will learn that now. It is as good an excuse as any. Perhaps I will make a script that checks for the dev files and does an apt-get if they are missing. IDK when I will do that , but eventually if nobody takes the lead and extends this a bit or even debianizes it.

It is neat, try it. BTW it is called sechs-stein because sechs is six and there are six rows. I thought that ein-stein would be one stein and sechs stein would be six :), it has had many different names over the years and I don't know all the history, but this is the current incarnation.

I will probably do some work on this now that it is public and reflects on me. I know that it is possible to access outside of an array in one place and I just ignored that so I will fix it in version 0.1. So I have known flaws and things to be done. So I suppose I could do the whole thing and create a BUGS list, a want list, and an indicator of what bugs are fixed with the first "pre-release" version. So look there and I will update it to add configure, i18n, debian, MAC, and make it cosmetically correct and playable as a real game.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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