Down under code

I like to see what the code thinks it is doing when a seriuos failure occurs. Sometimes it is not possible to know why something failed without a little more info. It simply avoids the need for me to cut and paste to look at ASM or debug output. I can infer from what I see, what is happening, and I can use the registers to confirm what I suspect. I guess I could do a full debug output with registers and flags, but I have done it about 2,000 times before and I will stick with just as much as I need to know in a particular circumstance. BTW, As an aside, I am not trying to be morbid when I think of cell programmed suicide, it is a necessary process and without it, we would be a mess and besides we would have webbed hands and I couldn't program or blog very easily.

sprintf(path,"%p", (info->si_addr)-16); sprintf(path2,"%p", (info->si_addr)+16); sprintf(syscom,"objdump --start-address=%s \ --stop-address=%s -j .text -s -d HelloMe"\ ,path,path2); system(syscom);


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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