Anthropomorphize Intelligence(AI)

I can't help looking at this automatic programming-program as "life like" because I have used `espeak` with various voices, pitches, speech rates and sentences to let me hear what the program is thinking, and why it chose a specific path. It does seem that the puzzle solutions, programming and general thought can be simulated recursively and produce some synergy. Bungling to a solution is still finding a solution and the program is not technically smart at all, but it has a way to identify the difference between good code and bad code using gcc. I am devising more tests and perhaps a form of preprocessor that returns quality information also. I am hoping that this program will write a program that solves the `einstein` puzzle all by ITself.

Below is a program AI created and I feel some pride in the results, like a teacher with a student that finally gets it. Nice comment!, good form, concise and to the point and ISO compliant. Great work Amoeba Infinity(AI), A+

return   /*Comment*/;}

AI made this one also and gcc implies type "return int" when not specified, so this is valid, and so concise, it is really is odd to see this type of stuff come from an automatic process. One extra space in there, but give the kid a break, it is his first day programming. The difference in quality of code today is that I have excluded code which warns.

main(){ return 0;} 

Today I am adding various capabilities like looking at the compile executable and determining if the SHASUM(man at is unique and what it contains. If the output file is the same for different source. This way it can find a minimum code implementation of a process and helps to exclude random white space or redundant elements. I would say that if the compiled executable is the same and the source length is shorter, that would generally be good, as long as there were line breaks at each element. That I think is a style interpreter and so I will need a preprocessor that simply gives a generic style score and the program can rate the finally program based on style, ability to compile, generated code, output, faults, and any other recursive character that it develops. This advances very quickly and it is interesting to see that an AI does not take the same paths that person would take and as such generates some new and unique solutions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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