Aliens aren't that alien

My main interest in dealing with the puzzle game that I converted was to consider certainty, scope and as Dr Strang says of matrices "basis". In order to understand and make a reasonable conjecture which has certainty, it is necessary to first establish the rules that apply to the universe. I have achieved that after 55 years of consideration. I began wondering upon this when I was 7 and introduced to the theory of relativity and many other concepts. It seems a simple solution once it is devised and that is always the case. Once a problem is solved it ceases to be a problem and becomes something you know and, as such, is not interesting to me anymore. It is just another piece of the larger puzzle. The puzzle game achieves certainty by applying a complete set of relationships to a framework of limited possibilities.

In the case of the universe, I have a reasonable hypothesis that is certain, within the scope of the rules. There is a natural progression of events and a limited set of possible solutions and when you have enough " hints / data " then a solution is guaranteed. I can decide with a high degree of certainty, even though , measure is not perfect, when it applies to the universe. I know the age of aliens, I know their location, I know their form, I know generally how they communicate, how long they live, and to some limited extent, their goals. It remains to devise a method to intercept and interpret their communication. I do not see them as a threat, nor would they consider me or any world a threat. The scale of their achievement and security makes them virtually invulnerable to anything other than their own kind. Certainty comes when all the pieces have been laid and the puzzle master's voice says, "You have won, Again".

There are things that their knowledge will reveal and to the greatest extent it would allow the progression from this type of life to theirs. It may not be what everybody would choose, but their nature is very similar to my own. A naive person might be tempted to consider them gods because of their abilities and longevity, but I am not one who longs for philosophical arguments and the Incas considered the Conquistadors to be gods and that did not turn out well for them.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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