More about einstein (game and person)

I am not a big fan of the idea of geniuses as some kind of super people. I am pretty good at solving things and some of that comes from just being familiar with the subjects and remembering what to do or not to do. As far as Einstein the person, I think he was wrong in assuming that there is an equivalence between inertial mass and gravitational mass. Well actually I don't think he is wrong, I know it because I can cancel inertia. There is quite a bit of difference between theoretical proofs based on mathematical equations and what really happens. A physical disproof is absolute and a mathematical disproof could be subject to some interpretation. People can argue about string theory forever , but I like things that work and developing a theory about why they happen is easier when you have a good physical example. I am sure that Marconi, Hertz, Tesla, and others did not care that some things violated theory or extended beyond what was considered possible.

With respect to the einstein game, it is written in C++ and uses the SDL. It has at least one Easter Egg and is a well written program. The sparsity of comments does not bother me as it is often a distraction. It is irritating to look through a source with "FIX ME"s everywhere. It seems that if they know something is broken, the could have a list of things to fix and add to it and take from it. Embedding them in the code seems to hide the fact that it needs to be done, until you happen to be editing to fix or extend and there you see FIX ME like some kind of Alice in Wonderland message "EAT ME".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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