Unpleasant compromises

I am am avid supporter of open source and hope that this trend continues to help everybody who is willing to apply that help in a positive way. I happened upon this blog by a copyright lawyer and I will certainly follow the action there and most likely get the book here.

I look at life and its fantastic complexity and relative stability in a system so dangerous that it almost defies logic that anything could survive. The fact that many super volcanoes have erupted in the past and left the planet without sunlight for years means that this moment of sunlight and achievement we have realized in the complexity of technology could be dust in the single act of a natural disaster. I also look at the vast expanse of the universe that stretches out like open plains that extends to such great distance that it is beyond comprehension. In that vastness of billions of galaxies is silence. That is even more perplexing and implies that as far as humanity has reached, it must reach much higher to exist in this eternal sea of light, with a razor's edge. I there is other life to be met there, you could be certain that they would be a very tough species.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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