Fermi and the void

The title seems like it would be a good theme song for a Spielberg movie about teenagers and visitations from the NULL. This: A plausible hypothesis for the Fermi paradox of the lack of visible evidence of life in a vast universe. It has always been the conclusion of people that what they know is complete and within any level of social, philosophical or technological level that this is the final and complete understanding of the universe.

It does not take a very long historical view to see that this presumption of completeness is constantly shifting to new levels of understanding of the universe itself. We have eyes and we do not see the air and therefore there can be nothing in the air. We have touch and we cannot sense an electromagnetic wave.

Simply based on all the facts present to analyze, it is a reasonable assumption that there is something missing in our comprehension of the universe. It would seem that the coherence of science implies a cause and effect understanding of things that are within our universe, and the ability to effectively control those things with precision and regularity, implies that the system and its parts are understood.

This does have something to do with how a person reasons against infinity. Even in a simple application as a card game modeled and emulated in a computer there is this boundary, where reason and conjecture conspire to confound and defeat our perfect logic.

It is a reasonable assumption then that there are "things" in this universe that play a very important part of how the process operates and exists, which are completely beyond even the ability to formulate a basis, much as a cave man would hardly have suspected that in their fire was a deeper and more powerful fire that reached out from the heart of matter. I look at this "VOIDED NULL" and say that it is not malaria or literally translated, "bad air", but there is something in that void and it can potentially be understood and allow an even greater comprehension of this seemingly endless vacant room. I think it is a very very large void in understanding and the isolation of the reason for this void may prove to be the pivotal moment for the history of species and the infinite space. The progression of science flows in extensions and leaps and it is the sudden realization of new realms that we encompass the unknown. It is certainly intriguing and I have a firm sense that something is hidden there in that void and it is just a suggestion like the animalcules that Leeuwenhoek saw and attempted to explain with no comprehension of the forces that drove them and the even smaller structure and complexity that was beyond.

The void has hints in many things and there is something in the very nature of life itself that is incomplete. It is assumed, and that is always the doorway to misinterpretation, that the details of genetic regulation at the molecular and DNA level will reveal itself as this perfectly manageable machine. I suspect that there is a large surprise waiting there also and that nature is a perfect scientist with absolute knowledge as it works in the fabric of existence and it would not surprise me in the least that these forces that man finds so complex and unwieldy in the nucleus is another note in the symphony of life.

Birds used magnetism before man even knew what it was, creatures live without air or light, unseen particles flow through the Earth, the limit of the view of the universe continues to defy even the longest look, life can produce things that are yet to be understood and I am certain that what we know is and always will be a shadow the next thing that becomes known. It seems that the constant musing upon the images that present themselves in the microscope that views the universe is very much like the first views of the world of cells. The lack of a complete understanding about the underlying process leads to the characterization of the universe as some structure and form that is within our current vocabulary. The animated molecules of the stars are of course driven by Newton's gravity alone and of course the things we do not see, do not exist until the Dark Plague walks among mankind and again gives them a sense of perspective to their "great power and absolute control" of the universe.

Filling a hole the size of the universe with rocks, gas, and emptiness and then leaving the explanation at that, should be a bit of a stretch to accept for anyone, IMHO. I am sure that we would like to be done with this and have it all known and knowable, but I fear there are many miles to go before we may rest.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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