The Eyes of a Gnome, full of cheese

I have no idea what I am doing with this video capture tool and I was running it at the command line and it said that it couldn't get thumbnail views of the video. So I got into the source and did some looking around to find the source of the problem and I am fairly sure that the code is bad in this area. I changed the line marked and it works now to give thumbnails, as can be seen from the screen shot.

I am sure there is more going on in the eye of this Gnome, but it works and I am thinking global scope issues here, and maybe when I am done I will be the new top cheese dev. Or I suppose I could fork it and call it limberger, because I smell something odd about the source.

The change is in cheese-2.22.3 in the file "eog-thumbnail.c" at about line 237. I could send a patch for this, but I will wait and see what happens in the next version, and if their is no new development, I may try to pwn it. I changed some of the messages while I was in there and I think I will add a separate window to control the camera characteristics, just for something to do. There are other warning errors and I suppose I will fix them now too.

An odd thing about Firefox is that I can zoom and unzoom the page with control with plus and minus, but control with zero, does not reset the scaling, however control and shift and zero does. The menu says control and zero, but I think they are spoofing me! Well in a way they are, but if you use the zero at the top of the keyboard it works that way, but you need shift to use the keypad zero to reset, I guess I should have figured that out before I made this bit long post complaining about my own failure to comprehend what should be fairly obvious.

void eog_thumbnail_add_frame (GdkPixbuf **thumbnail) { GdkPixbuf *result_pixbuf; gint source_width, source_height; gint dest_width, dest_height; source_width = gdk_pixbuf_get_width (*thumbnail); source_height = gdk_pixbuf_get_height (*thumbnail); dest_width = source_width + 9; dest_height = source_height + 9; result_pixbuf = eog_thumbnail_stretch_frame_image (*thumbnail, /* changed this from "frame" to "*thumbnail */ 3, 3, 6, 6, dest_width, dest_height, FALSE); gdk_pixbuf_copy_area (*thumbnail, 0, 0, source_width, source_height, result_pixbuf, 3, 3); g_object_unref (*thumbnail); *thumbnail = result_pixbuf; }


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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