The brief return of the wff

I have been studying open course ware from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley and others for months now. The courses range across bio-informatics, theoretical physics, networks, history, languages, chemistry, cloning, biology, genetics, matrix algebra, calculus, topology, programming, mechanical design, AI, mathematical theory, FSA, FSM, universal constructors, set theory, computer design tools, .... The constant interruptions that come from keeping up to date with what happens on the net was making it impossible to integrate what I discovered.

I discovered many things and others should take these courses.

Here are some interesting highlights and discoveries.

Something interesting about SED: the operator \2 in the substitution allows me to reference the second \(\) pair in the selection part of SED. This has nothing to do with courses, but I was fixing some stuff and learned this, which is a very useful aspect of the s function of sed.
contents of the file sedi s/\(\s\s\)\([TRLQW][0-9]*\)\(\s\s\)/\2,/ console command cat sed.txt| sed -f sedi
Inertia: Matter was considered to be alive and (Inert)ia means it is dead. Geometry: = ( Gaia metry ) or the measurement of the earth as its original meaning.

I can't even begin to relate all of the things I have learned and the consequence of that, but I will throw some interesting things out when I surface again. SAGE, scm, moinmin are things that are useful. I made an interesting discovery by relating the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" with corpus Hermiticum, Galileo, Fibonacci numbers, and some biochemistry which lead me to understand a very strange relationship about the nature of life and death itself. Imhotep the polymath.


mire said...

Hi Paul.
It is me again.I have only a french blog now.

Holy Christ that last paragraph sounds so exciting. If you ever decide to really expand on that let me know.

I might kind of a neat discovery well not really a discovery but the experience was a little jarring.

I took a photograph with my little no big deal digital camera and then I juxtaposed it with Nasa's image of Pluto and Charon and wow they look so similar.It is hilarious.
It is in my most recent post.
I don't blog on the weekends now so I'll be back on Monday to see if there is any further enlightenment around here.
peace and light.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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