Talking to the ants

I see things here that others must not see. Perhaps I do not reason like others. I certainly have been accused of that. I might even wander through the Mad Hatter's Tea Party for a sip of tea on the way, but I always try to end up at the beginning. When I start talking about tensors and vector space I may just have a discussion group and invite Alice Infinity.

I am not so sure that these relationships are as difficult to deduce as people make out. Gauss may have been a great mathematician, but it seems that much of this follows quite logically without any thought for me. I have solved many of these things for myself and so that may contribute. I don't need elegant terminology to solve a situation if I am in a control application. The PWM ( pulse width modulation) of a motor that spins the semiconductor wafer in a piece of processing equipment designed to clean the surface with ($CHEMICAL) and feeds back by a PID ( Proportionate Integral Derivative) loop is very complex mathematically and though I missed much of the terminology, I have never failed to implement.

The complexity of these subjects is going way out of control for blogging and I think I will try to confine it to the source documentation. That latex was way out of hand and I am not sure that anybody is even following what I am saying anyway. For one it seems to me that the determinant is like an obvious feature just looking at these things. I suppose I could have a weird mind as my Calculus teacher always wondered how I knew the proofs without reading the book. It isn't that I was trying to skip steps, the answers just came in the same way I would throw a basketball. It wasn't thought in a ritualistic step by step fashion..

It is necessary to understand the language if you want to make sense of what is taking place in the same way that our view of the world is a flat projection of 3 space and we continually speak of it that way from our perspective.

The case of ants and infinite precision math, which is a correlation I am making for the sake of this argument. In my concept of math without continuous error accumulation, it requires that numbers are used as a prime sequence and lookups.

Someone might say that you could end up with fractions, but would still have to convert it to a control surface which is of a different type and you lose precision there. Nature is a freaky mathematician that makes Leibniz look like a child, I think. In this case I suggest that relationships are computed in infinite-like precision as a series of primes and applied to the control surface as a ratio of near-primes. In this way it becomes quantum precise.

In the same way that we must develop the complex spatial transforms to even operate in space by the time we are 2 years old, we must also deal with some things which are mathematically complex. If you consider the batter and pitcher, you are seeing a computation occur naturally that you might think is simple successive approximation. I suspect much more is going on there.

In early Egyptian calculations I see many things that would imply that they understood this strange feature of prime math.

void MatrixRowSub(int j) { int i,k; float mult; for (k=0;k<3-j;k++) { mult=SampleMatrix[j+1][k+j+1]/SampleMatrix[j+1][j]; for (i=0;i<4;i++) { SampleMatrix[i][j+1+k]-=SampleMatrix[i][j]*mult; } } }

Above is a sample of a simple blind algorithm to produce an upper triangle solution matrix. It isn't very generic as it assumes a certain matrix size, but it is a template to build from. I intend to link it to the product of primes math and so the scale of the matrix will be dealt with when the hashes and lookups are incorporated. It is just something to write while I wait for the elvi to look for some Presley food. I need to look more into PyMath/PyOpengl and implementing some of these things there.

I watched a show on the history of decoding the Mayan language and it is very odd how a single scientist can dominate a field and stifle understanding with their position. The history of psychiatry is just scary. In their time, there were "Doctors" that drilled holes in peoples heads to fix problems. No one questioned that they were doing right as they were doctors, after all, and above being challenged. Phony gods.

ADDED: So it seems that in order to have a closed quantum uncertainty precision system the sensors also must be prime number harmonics. It seems that all existing computers are now obsolete. I am sure of that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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