n-Body progress

I am reposting this video at the top of the blog because I think it is significant enough. If it isn't a complete solution, it is a very fine tool anyway. It took almost all day programming to get the framework established. I am looking forward to finishing this and integrating a few bells and whistles to have vector pointers on objects to show velocity, force and 'field' strength in 3D. The sheer number of vector transforms is mind boggling.

This works so well it is scary. I have some bounding conditions set for display and it interferes here, but ths will deal with any number of objects simultaneously and I am using only one at this time to get all the things tuned in, but it looks really good now that I removed some of my software glitches. If you program you understand how easy it is to miss a decimal point or just type the wrong variable. When you add equations as complex as this it just gets worse.

If you program you will know this feeling, I have been at this for 20 hours straight and before I got it all together, I was looking a the code for 15 minutes saying "This can't happen!" and yet you are looking at it, and that stupid thing is happening. This is all I can do today so I am going to sleep.

ADDED: Though this is useful in the analysis of interaction of multiple objects in space, the general principle can be used to solve any number of recursive simultaneous equations. I can think of several places where this is applicable. It really opens up a whole new area of possible methods that I can apply to system analysis. I need to rebuild my antfarmgl code to integrate this and get rid of some trash code that comes from experimenting with new methods. This should be applicable in 5 dimensions with thousands of objects. The strange thing is that this scales at O(n2) and when I first started working with it I assumed it had to scale at O(n!) which is worse than bad. I can accept n2 complexity for this , but I am now wanting a Beowulf cluster of them. I need to integrate all the detail of the algo and it is just a proof of concept model now and so if I incorporate Maxwell's equations it should give me some interesting solutions to some things like complex systems of particles acting under electrical, momentum, magnetic, and gravitational force. There is a lot of work to be done to integrate all these into the process and I will probably post a new video on Monday with the results.

ADDED: I noticed the title was progresss and that is what happens when you don't get proper sleeeeeeeeep because you have to finish something.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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