Following kernel changes

It is surprising how well all the parts of Linux operate together. I grabbed the kernel source and the most recent patch. I just unpacked it and clicked and kompare brought it up ( gotta love that file 'magic' ) and I could browse through the changes and see what was affected. If you understand the overall structure, it is easy to see what these things do. I am confused though, if this patch '' and version is 2 patch level is 6 and sub-level is 29, where does extra version .2 fit in that picture and what does it mean? Of course I am being facetious. However, I really am wondering what a 'Temporary Tasmanian Devil' does.

I may do something odd and make a patch so I can take the kernel versions as they are modded and just patch them to my liking as a Kos style implementation.

Link to Linux Commando, command for console and it is ALT and period together to recall the operand from previous commands in order backward with each new press. Nice feature and saves some ambiguity.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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