Counterintuitive is counterintuitive

Counterintuitive is counterintuitive. I must understand based on what I experience and deduce from that. It is therefore common to experience something and devise an understanding of it, which later proves false due to lack of information or a skill not yet learned. Living in an age where I see planes take off and fly around all the time, it would be counter-intuitive to think that metal boxes could not fly. Geosynchronous orbits are counter-intuitive if you do not understand the overall process.

A better approach to the entire thing is to say that it is more complex than a cursory examination can resolve. The reason I am thinking of this is the fact that I have encountered something in nuclear physics that is so strange that it is perhaps the ultimate example of the category. How could you arrange a situation that caused an object that was attracted to another object under normal situations to repel that same object. In essence I am talking about anti-gravity or anti-charge.

If I lived on a planet where people flew around by anti-gravity, it would be counter-intuitive to suggest that it was false.

No doubt there is a problem with the coherence in data ( experience ) of the universe, and resolving it as "dark matter" seems as good as any other place holder. It starts by describing the shape and action of the missing part(s). I don't have a problem with saying that dark matter could repel other matter, my worry is that if it resolves to a trait of normal matter under unusual circumstances, that the predisposition to assign it as a separate entity would interfere with resolving the structure of the whole.

I have an interesting analogy that popped into my head yesterday. If blocks of wood were floating on a transparent sea, would you say that they were functioning like a wave? My point is, that an object that acts like a wave is not necessarily a wave.

I saw an article on EPR and teleportation. If a device has the same effect without using EPR and quantum entanglement, would it be any less fantastic?

Andromeda strain is what I would call this virus described at Daily Galaxy.

ADDED: While trying to resolve what I considered an impossibility, ( anti-gravity, because of conservation ) I discovered that it is not anti-charge or anti-gravity, but an explanation of why something can respond like a probability wave equation. A theory based on probability is useful, but like with a dice game it does not describe why the dice operate, but only characterizes the overall process so that it can be predicted in the gross aspects, like thunderstorms.

So, no anti-gravity from me today, and probably not ever unless I happen on something by accident. The concept itself and teleportation violates conservation of energy in unusual ways. I don't doubt that means will be devised to reduce the time frame to approach escape velocity as the limiting factor, but there is that sticky issue that Ep (Potential Energy) is not conserved when you are anywhere in a field that is at a different potential Ep.

I am working on the equations when I have time and I am making some progress toward defining something that is computational in enough aspects to mathematically model the complete process of the atom. I have some general models and they give me insight and perhaps explain things like bond length, strength, and angles and why H likes H, and why Ne likes Ne so much. I am still thinking about Fourier and the way I do it and I will get that done as the tools get sharper. I need to have menu functions that I can click to start and stop video and put text, LaTex, graphs and process video on a texture in openGL and then pipe it to video out. I am getting there and though I swing through the decision trees, up and down, I am almost home to the parent node or the root, ( it is the same in a circular decision tree ).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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