Thinking trees

Once you define a tree method as a generic object in a 'c' program it is possible to traverse and initialize the tree in many ways to simulate some very interesting extensible solutions to common process like a calculator, regular expressions, lisp, games, AI. I was going to do a pruned decision tree of tic-tac-toe, but it got too dull and simplistic before I even finished it.

By combining linked lists, hashes, trees, and other methods I developed, it becomes a factorial expansion of capability. I think I will make a decision tree of a more complex matrix manipulation method than is currently employed that may even recurse on a matrix tree.

The image was done in Inkscape, which is SVG/XML based and in this case I did not adjust the XML before I converted it to .png with gimp.

I think I hit on something that is very critical in viewing the relationship of biological thought and simulated thought. In the case of an organism, it cannot take unlimited time to produce results and the solution, however poorly formed, must be implemented because of the "CAT AND MOUSE"( reference to stochastic matrix at wiki ) problem which deals with interacting predator prey relationships, which do not allow long choosing periods. It would be similar the fact of having to complete a render frame for a video game in 'real' time, otherwise it serves no purpose. Even if you must leave out detail, it at least achieves continuance of action.

In human perception, I believe it is inherent in the decision process that conscious event processing performs a closing operation on every open set, so that a single solution action ensues. In the case of recursion and 'If p then q' situations, it is truncated or closed and the solution is incorrect for the limited set and thus leads to confusion when it is not immediately recognized as an improper set or if it is done on purpose to conceal or obfuscate a fact in a situation that resolves in much the way the 'cat and mouse' does. Thus it is common in predator prey situations , like a lawyer manipulating a jury to influence their cognitive process in order to distort justice.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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