New TV show on CBS called 'DUMB3RS'

It was determined that Nazi Germany won World War II, and it must some how be corrected, with super-model agents. A crack DoD scientist computed that when the allies took land from the Germans that from the German perspective is was a loss of square miles. As an example: 4 square miles was taken in the Rhine and this was -4 sq. mi. to the Germans. If you determine the area of that, it is sqrt(-4) or 2*sqrt(-1) on a side. This means that it was just an imaginary loss since it is the product of an imaginary number.

Super models are sent into the imaginary dimension to recapture the lost ground as mad imaginary Nazi scientists laugh hysterically. It is scientifically determined that normal clothes will not survive the transition between normal space and the imaginary dimension and super-models must wear only bra and panties to travel back and forth.

The reason that the Nazis do not come back from the imaginary dimension is because of modesty, however they develop an SS ( secret supermodel) genetics program and send Nazi twin super-models into normal space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen