Linux hacking adventures

I had an interesting after effect of copying my system to a new drive and I am a veteran troubleshooter and I have fixed thousands of problems in all areas of computers. It started as a failure to install an upgrade to hal, which is pretty scary. It had to do with the s bit of the policykit and it was resolved fairly quickly by restoring the file execute permissions and it was an interesting learning experience and gives me one more situation where I can quickly identify the source of a problem and its solution pairing.

In the process I had to mount the origin volume and look at permissions in '/usr/lib/policykit' and compare them to the state of bits in the copied dir. I should have mounted the old drive as part of fstab, but I am lazy and didn't do it. I added it to fstab by UUID so I can solve any other problems I encounter with sticky bits a little easier. I probably will shell script a grep and sed to compare the states of files from old an new if this happens again.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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