Fixing my Zim wiki for Latex equations

This is in the file ''
in directory '/usr/share/perl5/Zim/GUI/'

sub show { my ($self, $file) = @_; my $dialog = Gtk2::Dialog->new( __("Equation Maker"), $self->{app}{window}, #. dialog title [qw/modal destroy-with-parent/], 'gtk-help' => 'help', 'gtk-cancel' => 'cancel', 'gtk-ok' => 'ok', ); $dialog->set_resizable(1); $dialog->set_default_size(400, 300);

I use the equation editor in my Zim wiki quite a bit and it bothered me that it showed up hidden in preview unless I resized the window afterwards. It got to the point that I had to mod it to work, for my sanity. The Line 'set_default_size(400, 300);' was changed from 400,0 and that fixed it.

The strange thing is that I change language context without even thinking, this is obviously perl with some gtk, but it all seems like a useful blur now, whether HTML, CSS, or whatever 5 |-| 1 7 it happens to be.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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