Blender and Python and old habits

Most of the Python was so obvious to understand that it is not worth commenting on. I have finished the analysis and the built-in menus is very cool. On top of that , the analysis of the structure of the vertex, and other data is far too complex to cover in a post. It takes a long time to understand that stuff and I won't waste your time by making simple statements about it. Below is an example of something that showed up in the code because I do what I always do, fiddle with the code to see if it does what I expect. When I changed the "Done" button to a new position, there were two! I don't think that they realized that when they made the code.

Button ("Done",EVENT_QUIT,142,50,100,32) glRasterPos2d(32, 115) Text("Export using ") options = "Export Type %t| Mesh Coordinates %x1| Object Coordinates %x2" ExportType = Menu (options,EVENT_TYPE,170,100,180,32, exporttype) Button ("Done",EVENT_QUIT,142,50,100,32)

So that is my habit, I have to change everything a little to see if it does the thing I expect and this way verify my own understanding. It often shows up some odd things. Some are important. This is one of the places where it doesn't show in the results, but affects the operation in some unusual way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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