The beginnings of strange

Now I have mixed "make human", blender and soon I will merge my biological algorithms, and Mandelbrots with this. The plant generation "make ant" and mandelbrots by themselves are bizarre and when coupled with random genetic feature and position generation, they branch to infinitely bizarre very quickly.I incorporated "Spira mirabilis" in the options and this should be interesting and also test the limits of stability.


jordaenne said...

Paul-wow beautiful capabilities in their complexities emerging from the beasts of science and mathematics.
Is this an art program that works with biological data?

Well I guess it is time for a snooze it is 5:30 AM.
thanks for the entertainment on the side.

Paul Mohr said...

I guess the art is a byproduct of the science. Da Vinci studied many things and I think that his paintings were just a way to support himself. It may have only been the viewers of his art that enjoyed it, and he may not have found any joy in his creations. I get great joy from understanding things, and sometimes the results are entertaining, if they are unexpectedly emergent, like some of my 3D Mandelbrot forms. I will post those pictures and some video links when I can get the video capture sequence to work coherently.

jordaenne said...

Well I would bet that Da Vinci had a lot of passion behind his work as an artist and scientist.

WEll it would depend on the nature of the art and the goals and inclinations of the artist but perhaps at one point the discipline of science predominates and at another stage may be more of an artistic endeavor.

Moving away from computers for another example, take metal sculptures.The artist must become a welder of metal first and perhaps it is the passion of the final art goal that drives him through the discipline but whether or not this is true one area will dominate above the other all depending on what stage he is at.

Michaelangelo spent years studying anatomy and perhaps his driving force was to work towards his art goals but then he may have had an interest in anatomy.

I think it can be weiged out differently in different circumstances but there is a merging of the two -the art and any scientific study that it requires.

Thanks again for your beautiful work.

see you later.
love and light

I feel that a mix of science and art would be exalting. I love your line though...I get great joy...

I think you are a wonderful artist.
Now stop shocking me . ouch.with your philosophy.

see you later.

jordaenne said...

Dr. who is back.
When you say that art is a by product of science, I think you may be describing your own experience of how you explore to gain knowledge and then the creative leap becomes part of the next exploration.

I will send my statement in the mail. hee hee. That was fun.

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Automated Intelligence
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