At a fork in the road, go both ways

pid_t forky; forky=fork(); if ( forky == 0 ) { printf("I( %d ) live boldly.\n",(int)forky); my_system(doFork); printf("I( %d ) sleep, perchance to dream.\n",(int)forky); exit(3); } printf("I( %d ) live boldly.\n",(int)forky);

I have made a fork test and that is a bit confusing to use, but not greatly so. This is a sample of the code which does the branch. This allows me to process video streams in a child process and also have separate process to analyze the XML control files created by the AI portion of the program and also open external programs to use with the program, such as help which points to a specific element of the sourceforge wiki page or allows the checking of SVN to see if the version is current. It really allows creating any number of sub process streams to do parallel tasking as needed.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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