The worm thinks twice,Automatic Innate(AI)

plâtre et l'argile et du ver de cerveaux, oui.

I have been designing the second level of operation and the basic system provides a means to create structure and the methods to determine the ultimate structure need to be -- automatic, innate --.

MY Alice Insists (AI).

On a separate note I think that I have a method which would neutralize gravity, however it is extremely convoluted and as of yet I have devised no test that would prove it is even a valid hypothesis. I suppose I should first devise a situation that exemplifies the effect and then I can observe it and wonder what other methods can be applied to alter the effect. It seems the energy needed to neutralize would be the same as the energy in escape velocity, however it would be permanent and so it would exist energetically as outside the gravity system, however I am really speculating in an area for which I have little hard or reproducible facts. I am just wondering, as it seems it would be a very valuable piece of technology applied.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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