I do wonder about Physics sometimes. I used to think that perhaps I was the one in the land of LSD and lollipops, but as of late I am becoming certain that it is theoretical physics. Experimental results are just that, conditions and response. Conjecture on the nature of the universe is something else. In order for a theory to be valid it must predict something. Actually you would hope it would predict many new things.

I have an element in my new equations that is very likely to satisfy gravity. If that is so, I have the real mathematical answer to the structure of the universe. There are other aspects of gravity that do not require a complete equation to understand. Gravitational magnetism (10-40 * v/c, obviously very very small force), for instance. There are other things like inertia that are just indirect coupled effects. Inertial canceling and properties of gravitational secondary effects are already resolved.

I will make a really big prediction now, if physicists think that finding Higgs will give them gravity, they are wrong.

The way in which I cancel inertia uses something similar to a time distortion field, however I hate to use that name (time) as I find no evidence of a time "dimension".

ADDED: I did a LaTex of the relationships to gravitational magnetism and I misstated that it is proportional to v/c and in fact it is proportional to v^2/c^2 , but in terms of its relation ship to Felectrical it is negligible in any common situation. The order of the effect is 10-15 less than gravity at 10 m/s. I haven't done any real analysis on the effects that would result, but perhaps it is not all that negligible when you start looking at rotating black holes or orbiting systems over long time frames, or even the effect on some attractors. When I have more time I may do some analysis.

ADDED MORE: There are vectors involved in gravitational magnetism and so the equation can't be applied like a magnetic equation because the vector directions are different. I don't think that an equation makes the process understandable, it requires a process algorithm to really show what is going on. If I get the urge, I will make a .blend file of it in action.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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