Correlation to XKCD causation

Just because I link to XKCD opus 552 does not mean I am smarter but if you read them they might cause some understanding and that seems to be a correlation. I think that the quality of the art is one of the causes for me to link to it.

OTOH, I am working on a numbering scheme for organisms that creates a hash that has all the cellular hereditary inherent in its structure. I intend to implement the hash as CAM (= content addressable memory), and associative memory is actually the ultimate quick access hash table as it can return an associated element in a single cycle always ( or NULL). Cache memory is a type of content memory and the theory is that if each element compares to a global variable and connects to an associated property ( or properties) then the hash index ( which can be both elements ) triggers the associated information.

In the case of an organism, a set of cells could recognize a condition and then influence the outcome of a decision by releasing a neuro-chemical for example.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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