The untangled web of ideas

I have a movie in my head. it built itself and I watched it yesterday. I think it is way beyond Matrix or other available science fiction and I wish I had time to make that, but it probably be singularity o'clock before I do.

My day, today, is an odd day, as a mix of real, imagined, and perceived effect. I am doing a complete project as a training exercise before I cast the runes for antfarmgl, which has become the system of universal manufacture, like an extension of Turing computing. It isn't a great reach to go from universal programming to universal manufacture in my opinion. Each are expressions of the other and existence is tied in that loom somewhere in the inner reaches of the web of uncertainty.

It seems confusing because it has not been clarified in a common framework. So I am cleaning up, so to speak. I started with C++, Kde, Qt, cmake, qdevelop, and Qt4 designer. I am simulating the "bovo" 5 in a row game and from the surface of it, it is a weird, inside out, tic tac toe which is winnable by the first player who moves ( I assume ) and this is one of the things that I hope to get out of the process, a proof of that for sake of verifying my ability to project the analysis.

I am making 5 different versions of the program. A strict "C" using openGL and tools I already have available to do menus and such. The core of the game is an x.y matrix that serves as the logical playing field. It also correlates with what I previously did with the game "konquest". It is also a grid matrix. I plan to use PyOpenGL as a second implementation and see how quickly it is done, in general. Then it is a Qt project using SVG for the next stage. After that I intend to do a blender game of the same thing.

Other than a general estimate of how long it takes to make the game, there will be no specific values like Py takes 4 and blender takes 7 minutes to implement. My very nature sometimes makes it impossible to have sequential time associated to any task. There is perhaps where I differ from many people. I am almost incapable of executing a single linear task. I am a "Rainman" as it was popularized. I think in [no word] and they never stop moving.

This is a good example if you wondered what process leads to a solution for such divergent methods. In the last 20 minutes I have revisited the following related concepts to form a better web of understanding.

  1. EPR paradox
  2. Turing complete
  3. Wolfram
  4. Polarization
  5. Bell's inequality
  6. Quantum entanglement
  7. Hidden variable theory
  8. Konrad Zuse
  9. Probability
  10. Dancing Smurfs

These are only the things that may seem wildly unrelated. There are specific object connections in how I have related the information and I am trying to establish the meaning of all these things in the global context of universal manufacture.

This is why the order of words and sentences I write can contain words that are completely out of context and so it might seem it is written by randomness. It is just the fact that I am thinking while I type and the particular word which goes with the ballistic completion of the sentence becomes twisted by a parallel thought.

I suppose that the way I program is like cutting a diamond. I know that I can make a single strike and have the effect that I desire and if I develop the talent and experience to do that single cut against reality, it allows me to finish more of what I am interested in completing. So this is how it goes, I see many things, as I wade through the fog of mystery.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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