Intergalactic 911

This is a mini science fiction and it isn't the big one I planned, it is just something that was on my mind and I had to write it.

The scene is Earth, today, right now.

The Battle fleet arrived, 10,000 ships strong with a controller ship 50,000 kilometers across its widest point. The captain called for evaluations of intelligence before they became visible to engage the enemy.
"Intelligence Officer reporting, sir."
Captain: "Get to it."
"You are not going to like this Captain, and I won't blame you if you think it is preposterous. All indications are that what we thought was a distress signal from the planet is just some fantasies that their race play out every day. They live in a constant state of delusion and dream of wild encounters with aliens and make realistic images of the situations and then just stare at them. They do nothing and have no effective space travel. The signals of them being under attack by "Borg", "Chest bursting Aliens", "massive Death Stars" and the like is pure delusion and they have nothing."
The captain stares blindly, perhaps wondering how this can be explained to the planet defense coop.
An engineer enters and reports: " We accidentally knocked out one of their whirling globes that the use to transmit delusions, when we entered the system."
Captain:" Rig for travel, we are leaving, if I thought I could get away with it, I would lay waste to them just for target practice. Mark the planet as 'Delusionals' and lets get on to something serious."

ADDED:I was going to call this story "First Impressions".


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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