Solutions with vectors

While considering the goal and process model of programming instead of the usual top down approach, I think it is more like ants than it first seems. By investigating the potential methods that apply to existing options, with a restore state, it is possible to measure the progress of the program to the goal and create a landscape of the process with a weighted scale. In the same way as a real landscape it would have various multidimensional hills and valleys to represent the time to goal, the effort to goal, the danger to goal, ...

The initial passes through the matrix serve to register the obstacles and most effective route to get from a specific state to a specific goal. Since each point in the matrix could be considered a potential new starting point, it would eventually develop a mind set that represented the initial weighting of the process. It could be modified by any number of situational characteristics that an entity would encounter like hunger or lack of energy.

In its simplest form it is a terrain map that can be navigated by following the lowest slope*time path that still leads to the goal. That would constitute the work function of a specific path and so it would develop to a terrain with roads that lead to destinations and the routing cost would be determined in the road path data itself. It is very much like a TSP ( Traveling Salesman Algorithm Problem ) and the solutions would really just be successive approximation that often wandered aimlessly when the goal does not exist or is not in sight.

The key elements here are GOAL and MEASURE. In a biological system it is necessary to have a goal and have the ability to measure that a goal is achieved in the least. The complexity of the process is meaningless to the underlying principles. If the goal of the organism or system is simply to survive, it must be able to measure and compare to be able to achieve that. It would seem that even though Integral Calculus is considered to be something that only a bright educated person could comprehend, the very nature of thought incorporates methods which are similar and actually more complex. If I measured the worth of a process, I could say that the ∫ or Sum of the individual steps is the measure of the value of the path when used as the divisor or simply as the relationship A:B or slope of the line of effectiveness.

I do not find Calculus ( calculation ) to be a monolithic system. Many methods can be used to "Calculus" a result.The idea that A>B incorporates most of these concepts as it implies measure, comparison and goal. This is CAM.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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