Predictive causal process reductionism

Tonight I am clarifying something at the level of the particle system. By that, I mean that even if you isolate something to say this is a particle, it isn't. A particle from my perspective is a concept that is used to describe the properties of a center of action. Obviously every particle has effect over the entire universe, otherwise we would have local gravity and each system would not interact with every other system in the universe. So to say that I have a particle in my hand is more or less saying that the center of something that is a big as the universe is there and as far as containing it, there is really no way to compose a system that encompasses even a one particle system.

It is a complex way to understand the universe and it is much easier to say that I have a dozen beach balls and that they are completely independent. This works well with mathematics, but it is not a successful analogy for the universe.

I am trying to develop a model that I can use to describe and predict the motion of centers of action in the interaction of systems, essentially the multi body problem revisited and explored with the help of the internet to see what unique perspectives wiki and others have on the n-body issue.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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