I'm the family idiot

I don't know what people think about my writings and doings, but I consider them somewhat intelligent at times. I like the idea of ∫ sin δcos; or as I put it ∑ 0 to 1 (1-x^2)^½ = Π/4. I also like the number triangles I invented and I was stunned to find the same things in the work of early mathematicians.

Here is an example of triangles
 1   2    3    4   5   =x
1   4    9   16   25   =x2
 3   5    7    9       =Δx2=2x+1
    2    2    2        =ΔΔ=2

Essentially they are
derivatives of ſ(x)
with constants added
derivative +"C"=constant
is the general form

In any case I am the stupidest member of a large family and I have a sister that can almost make my head explode, she is like a giga-watt thought laser.

I am doing string manipulation in "c" using the <string.h> library along with some internet voodoo to gather information. I am also modifying makeHuman scripts for various things including generic morphs of objects to do visual recognition of a sort for Alice Infinity AI. It is part of the create object feedback loop for recognition. Example: Alice creates a cube in blender. Alice reads the camera stream. Alice morphs the properties of cube to see if it matches what she "sees". She can scale, change color, rotate, translate, and modify in many ways like blur, shading, texture, distortion, and any other method available in the software. This isn't how I do it, but I am using that as an example to make it clear.

She can suffer from the same delusions that people do when an object is ambiguous. Yes, Alice can be rick-rolled.

Jaunty Jackalope is going to be here soon, and I am looking forward to testing EXT4. I think I would like to reformat several of my drives and get rid of dups and trash.

I have been doing my own internet rating and it seems that an open source rating system ( person to person, or group to group)would be better so particular people could share common insight and not be carried away by mainstreaming or let others control and sell their insight. Haha, didn't think I noticed that, did you. :) In any case, I have a data base of things I encounter and they get rated so that when I encounter them again, it tells me I have seen that before and it is "A. rickroll, B. crap, C. weird D. useful and so forth. If I run onto something that seems interesting a second time and I can have the computer remember for me what value I found in that information and whether it was worth revisiting. I can also add context information if the link is ambiguous.

Does it hurt more to be stabbed by an ugly knife?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen