Having let this settle in and having done some n-space simulations I will make some practical comparisons. If E (electrical) varies inversely to D (as distance) squared, then this is the base relationship and magnetics operate at about 10-10 of that. Also Gravity acts at about 10-34 and gravitational magnetism at about 10-44 so the effects are quite different in scale by some many orders of magnitude. In a universe that has no frame of reference or æther and all particles are actually the size of the universe in their effect it makes a different view of the universe from higher space. There are 10 directions and 32 quadrants and 320 different relative quantum ( I use the term as meaning digital or state-wise type in this context ) relationships of these things. When you apply the positional distortion in n-space that is involved in relative velocity at position it becomes a vector that describes the gravitational and electrical effects that exhibit themselves as electrical induction, electrical magnetism, gravitational induction, gravitational magnetism and some other forces that are yet to be recognized or named.

The fact that matter and momentum must be balanced in the universe does not preclude the unbalancing of energy, or the reversal of matter in its relative position. An simple example of energy translation is the cocking of a crossbow and carrying it to another location. The energy need not exist at the place where the relationship is formed. As such energy in the universe can be transformed from place to place without the consumption of energy. It is also possible to have transportation of materials ( cars people ...) on the surface of the Earth without the expenditure of energy. This is where it gets odd and I will make some more simulations and I am afraid that once I have touched the werecats of high space, I will never be the same again.

Blender is very helpful for me as the more I deal with the n-dimensional relationships there and imagine things that are possible to crate create with it, the more skilled I become. I don't find it difficult to image several parent-child associated elements that have IPO curves for shading, transparency, rotation, translation, scaling, texture coordinates, reflectivity and have all of them under the influence of various forces. In addition when it is possible to apply things like particle instance , hair, transparency, occlusion, booleans, morphs, sub surfacing, volume effects and armatures it does get quite complex. Some of the things I can imagine and implement will be available on my separate web site soon. I have made some hardware changes and do a little bit of network recursiveness which will add an additional level of ability and controlled complexity to the designs. The interaction with the physicality of the atomic scale rendering also has some effect on what can be made as the nano-physicality serves as a form of physical computation.

To make it very clear what I am saying as far as equivalence, I say that it is absurd to think that an object billions of meters away would immediately red shift on acceleration and that it would observe red shift from my acceleration immediately. Conversely the effect of my acceleration has an immediate effect on my perception if of the distant object as does its acceleration. It is not a single universal relationship and is far more complicated than even that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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