Blind faith

This item at is interesting as it follows along with something that I realized a while back. (Things can be hidden on a web page and can end up on your computer without your knowledge) If those things are illegal, it makes every computer in the world an open target for warrant less search and seizure. There are lots of things like that. If you copy and paste to terminal without verifying, you may be opening a channel for danger. I always go to at least the extent of checking clipboard if it is short or cycling through my wiki, which is always open. I like to keep snippets for later reference and I forget if I don't do it right away.

I often have firebug running as I browse and it is only a F12 click away. I like to read some of the stuff that gets hidden in the java. F12 is probably the quickest and if you have a habit of testing scripts that you understand or not, look at it first anyway.

This article was brought to you by firebug and the F12 KEY

It is completely inappropriate behavior
to use demonstrations
to disprove theories
at a physics seminar.


This is just a test of some HTML that uses a background image in a table cell to see how it looks on scaling.

It could be clockwise
It could be counter clockwise
It could be moving back and forth
It could be a leg raise and head turn
It could be dots

Can you make one seem to go CW and the other CCW?


This is just a test to see if it worked for animated gifs too.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen