All your base pairs are belong to me

I was working on energy and gravity yesterday and today as part of antfarmgl. For those who haven't heard of my sourceforge project, it is intended to integrate the virtual creation of objects and the physical creation of objects. Essentially anything I can draw becomes real in some form.

So I am studying physics of gravity and the nature of energy and time as part of that. I now can say with some 99.99% accuracy that I am correct in my assumptions about the universe. I am calling BS on many new ideas in physics now. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and that is where this decision must be confirmed.

I see that molecules that walk DNA have been discovered. Hmmmm, it seems I have heard of that before and maybe I will remember who was talking about that. I read some research on nuclear pores today also. I discovered something myself today in biochemistry and I don't know how to categorize, explain, or quantify it as yet. All of this is very interesting and will lead to some new stuff.

Spell check should really be a personal issue. Not that I favor everybody having their own language, there are certain words I misspell because of the way I type. tat and that. Tat is a word, but I rarely use it and that is very common. It seems that I could be warned, even though it is a word. I may just add a script that scans the words for my common mistakes. I can make a single click combo control+alt+y or something that grabs data from an entry form or web page , then, beeps and shows, if it finds that I am being a sloppy typer.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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