Yes, Mind reading molecules

This blog talks about the odd properties of DNA that is classify in terms of attractors, which is a funny association. I have discovered that H2O has some very life like properties itself.

I think that applying classic Ball and stick models to chemicals does not even approach the complexity of interaction in the molecules. It is only when the Proton is understood and how it interacts with electrons that it will be obvious what is going on. I know that wave theory is all the rage this millennium, but it is just a weak model to describe the system itself and is not predictive or at all inclusive. I must say that the computation of the exact relationships is still just beyond my grasp, but it is one of those things that I am striving for in creating new ways of analyzing systems.

I blogged before that when studying the system of life in the way that DNA functions that it is obvious that there is more going on with that than is represented in classic chemistry. I don't know about ESP, but it does function in the higher dimensions of complexity, which could be considered ESP, but is just more like all the things that we do not experience directly, like x-rays, short UV light,weak gravity, neutrino flux, RF....

I saw another odd study which was bees on cocaine, and they tended to exaggerate the things they experienced in their waggle dances. Sounds exactly like some discos from the 70's. They seemed to exaggerate their waggle dances too.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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