Shadows and reflections of reality

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This is a silly place to keep a joke if you wanted somebody to see it, isn't it?

Everyone who views this has a slightly different idea of what it is doing.
It might represent a bias as to how ambiguous data is decided based on

  • handedness
  • age
  • experience
  • gender
  • context
  • mood
  • ...

Or not :).

ADDED:(apparent virtual chirality, as a 2D image can never have chirality)Chirality (at wikipedia) or commonly referred to as "handedness" and I smoothed the rotation a little. It is created with gimp and is a gif with indexed color of 0/1 and is about 12k for all the layers.

I see that Wikipedia is now ranked 8 overall in internet access. You would think Google would recognize it as a word now. In that ranking XKCD is 7,435 and slashdot 10,318. xkcd is ranked higher for access than slashdot. I wonder what that means. For reference, I am ranked 7 million of how many I don't know, probably about 200 million. Strangely my readership is doubling every few weeks and that I don't understand as I try to irritate everybody equally, and I am apparently doing a very poor job of that it seems.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen