Owning zero

I was thinking about copyright and patents today in one of the ways that I use by starting with a simple case and then determining where it gets complex and why.

I start with 1 and 0 as information in the computer age. If I combine it into ASCII(space) then   is also 0100-0000 or 0x40 or 40H. That is a letter that represents nothingness or empty space and they are not controlled. If I go further then I can say that "copy" is or 63.6f.70.79
A word is not controlled so that is not the point of this.

Now if I form a concept within a series of words, then it is considered that it is unique
©and controllable by a government policy to the point of killing the person by stripping them of all property and ability to then purchase medical care or food if they share that information, thus death sentence.

If this were an age of illiterates then this might be reasonable, however the intelligent combination to produce that concept could easily be duplicated by anyone of competence. Now, if form I, a concept within words of a series , then it is unique that it is considered. The complexity of 8 bits is 28. A common concept would be about (216)10 complex.

The biggest general problem I see here is that if it is too simple, any body can do it and if it is too complex, nobody will understand it.

It seems that people are educated to the point where they are able to read the words of a contract and understand them so they may be forced to sign a contract with the devil incarnate as the state.

If the real point were to educate and elevate, text books would be free and published by the schools. Concepts would not be owned by those rich enough to afford the cost of a book, and people would not be forced to be stupid by denying the free flowing understanding communications between individuals and all.

If it cost me a $100 to make this post I would like to recover that if I was doing it for others. Since it costs me $500 per binary bit I am out several million dollars already, please send checks to IM_Stupid@I_dont_get_theJoke. It seems to be a way to enforce a secret society that profits from information. If I can create that information easily with the tools I have, then it is not unique. If I am not allowed to create and distribute certain things, of which I could have no prior knowledge, it simply says that I must not think that which is not allowed by the state, and thus I am a slave of the worst kind, because I simply accept and die in slavery.

The image above is originally stolen, I admit. I found the letter C on somebody's web site and I found a circle on another. I won't tell you where, so the theft cannot be traced back to me. I took those things and combined them using gimp GAP ( graphics animation package ) and used gap to rotate and position it, then preview and save as GIF. GAP is a nice feature of gimp and I was doing this to learn how to use the software. (BTW, I didn't really steal the letter C, I just wanted to sound tough.)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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