No, REALLY use the gimp

I went through the tutorials at the site I recommended and there is a great deal of difference in the skill required to do something the hard way and the easy way. This image was created from the same base image as the tutorial and the teacher spent several minutes tracing an outline. A person should know their tools. I did

  1. load image
  2. color select tool
  3. select color on boundary
  4. (in selection editor) convert to path
  5. (in selection editor) draw path

It required 4 clicks. Two seconds, and now it is 10 minutes to post all the stuff here. I could have combined 2 other techniques and done a better job , but the point is that if you know how the different methods work, they can be combined in numerous ways to get a quick solution. The moment somebody says that I need to spend 30 minutes picking lint, that is when I either write a script or find one. It really pays to know what you are working with. When I get a moment I will do a quality video of how to do this. I did a project last year and I was able to use some techniques from my understanding of the mind to extract the information from an image that has an exact correlation to what the mind extrapolates.

I suppose I will make a Python script for blender and gimp so it is a single click to break down an image into the parts as they are perceived by a virtual analog of the human mind.

If I weren't so lazy, I would post that now, but I am being side tracked by some new research on cancer cells, micro fusion, anti-matter, and a host of new stuff. I will certainly get to it at some point because it serves as a way to relax when I get too involved in other technologies.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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