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A reference I have used in the past and forgot about was The Linux Documentation Project which is a good reference in several languages to doing all things LINUX.

ADDED: I have been doing some scouting of people who do blender art and some of these people are SERIOUS scientists about their art/work. You don't see index of refraction data at 4 digit accuracy used in conjunction with graphic games programming., but I suppose it is exactly the way I am (slightly/massively compulsive). I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot of [1,2,3,4]T notation also. Matrix transforms are inherent in all of this real world modeling.

I did blender grease pencil and created some games in blender and once you get the hang of the interface, I bet a child could do beautiful designs with it. I can see I will be using this a lot to show many different things that can't be explained in words. I can show how a specific methylation of a gene affects the transcription or how multi-copy mutations can affect a genome as an epigenetic change. I was testing a little theory of mine about evolution and I am fairly certain it is true, but remains to be tested.

Blender is going to be a nice new tool for me. It should be very easy to have a text and animation file as a .blend that shows how to implement nano-machines. The (soft body, hair, particle, cloth) physics is another area that I need to be more proficient with. I serves my purpose of modeling atomic physics, fields and GRAVITY as a way of demonstration. I might even serve as a proof of sorts for a new type of gravitational technique.

My guess is that the temperature conversion of poly-amino acids (proteins)=(AAs) lead to an AA that was catalytic for the process of polymerization of AAs and as a result formed the first life loop. The secondary effects of that is a very quick rise in the number of AAs and also a production of numerous other catalytic items which include lytic enzymes ( which also produce paired lysis ( post activation )) and branching catalysts. This would be the pre-RNA world and it would be assumed that some of the catalysts that were produced resulted in sets that synthesized RNA under the right conditions ( RNA has been shown to be self catalytic also ) . Competition for effective chemical paths would have erased the origin mechanism, however under the right conditions it should be possible to recreate that metamorphosis. It must be a fairly strong attractor under the right conditions and it is my cultured opinion that many of these evolutionary branches are recreating themselves always as a matter of course.(They must IMHO)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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