Beyond stegnography

I have been experimenting with ".bvh" files today and those are really impressive. It allows you to specify an animation in blender on "named" bones of a fully rigged character. As with everything, you can combine one thing with another and come up with something new. Clearly a movie is a set of character animations and the combination of several bvh files in a complete movie reduces the overall data rate for communicating between people. It is much like a thought experiment. I say, "Imagine a scene where an electron and positron interact in a heavy gravity field." In terms of animation I would need each of the three models loaded into blender or an equivalent. I merely supply the animation sequences for each and it demonstrates the principle that I hope to convey.

The concept which goes beyond stegnography is the fact that many people have a built in model that they have devised about the universe and many skills to apply those models in analogous situations. I have found that it is very similar to a language that cannot be learned by everyone. The same information presented to two different people will result in a different level of understanding. If I have all the models, tools, bvh files and other associated textures and transforms, I need only say, "Apply x to y with variation z.". Some people will take the whole process literally and say, "That is a Mandelbrot of a flower.".

So, ... I was thinking about painting gravity on Jacob's ladder then moving vectors and how there are many ways between two points. The object is much like my comment on the page, "If I make lines on the page, will people be able to read between them?". In particular I found that there is a correlation between a certain Fourier in a specific multiple aspect and rigging bvh. This is quite enough information for me and also somebody who "thinks" like me, however it is just irritating to somebody who wants me to just give them the .blend file so they can make a weapon of it.

The High Space Order of Infinite Cats

must be very careful not to walk on the colors that are closer to odd than even, in vector color space.

I suppose it is very much like an "Adventure" game, but instead of learning some nonsense riddle or phrase, the point is to convey a certain knowledge and power to only those who it is intended for. I wonder why somebody would spend months learning a game that bears no relationship to reality and the "magic" words like plover and xyzzy have no use in the real world. Seems very odd to me and almost like poison mind candy.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen