Beyond approach, Quantum entanglement

I don't doubt there is merit in many aspects of the study of "dark matter" and entanglement as theories, but it seems that science approaches problems differently than I do. It is a bit confusing at times and is more like alchemy than science when viewed by others. My approach is to take a run at what is beyond the ideas that I wish to understand. More like somebody going to Paris by pointing at Moscow from New York and plotting a course. I will get near Paris on the way and I will see Paris from all angles as I pass. I can always head back a little closer if Moscow is boring, or I can go on to Japan.

My point in this is to say that even though these new concepts that are not fully understood may hold potential, they are more easily understood if you get above and beyond them. The understanding of the universe is not complete and perhaps it will never be complete. One thing that is common throughout history is that when a discovery is made, there are many new things beyond it. I like to shoot for the stars and hopefully I will get to Paris some day.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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