A simple Fairy Tale for minds and time

The seconds of life in 120 years.
The number of people
6.6 * 109
3,784,320,000 /

Adding and subtracting in mind space. If each person were allowed to patent or copyright one thing it would take 2 life times without sleep to view them all at one second each. How then can I be sure as an individual that I am not being conned into thinking something is illegal so I will give money to a person or organization or government that asks at the point of a gun? You say that you know what you have created and you own it, however that is your life and if I am to track every other life to be fair then I would need 6 billion more lives. It isn't just stupid to have patents and copyrights, it is impossible to ever be implemented in a system where any person ever knew whether it was true or not. If you add the time to legislate, register, manage and judge each claim it is clear that it is simply a fraud perpetrated on people who are gullible enough to accept the validity of it.

In order for it to work it would require a limit to what things could be assigned in any small section of population space. No government or social control can be fair and equitable in a people space of 6 billion possibilities. It is obvious that a few are saying that others may not claim any special rights so that this problem cannot be observed. If the copyright comes with each blog post made, it has already exceeded the potential of being untangled by human action.

There is only one answer I see here and it is not faster computers and letting a machine tell what is right or wrong and then allowing a single authority to control it with the power to kill on orders from the matrix. I am confused by this thought in some strange way and perhaps I will revisit this concept with more clarity at a later date. This is of course ©©²


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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