The new internet paradigm has evolved

I have finished the tour of all the softwares I think could give me insight into a VR relational data base system of information in reality format and interchange to blender format. What it gives is not the information but the means to extract the physicality of a form from the information provided and express a physical reality at end points of communication. It is not a communications link designed to provide information, but a key to physicality. I suppose I will start making .blend files and posting them to the web site with a link to the index here is all. These will become diff and patch files that apply to successive versions of those files that is the evolutionary path of the information and products. So it is not necessary to get a new picture from me, or anybody ( I can send a 3D blend file ), just keep the old one and I will give you the information to apply the aging :) I can just as easily send you a genome sequence for a cat and then send you the SNPs that I think would improve that form or make a change in its nature to become something completely different.

It is much easier to express a complex audio, visual time, associated action, and space relationship in this way. It is also easier to provide a link to a core sequence that is like a program in the sense that it expands to a complete form from a small set of data. If I can provide one gigabyte of information that describes the method applied to a cellular form and as a result it expands to an organism, then I can easily send a diff-patch to that data which is a few bytes that makes a completely new organism. If I were compiling all my code from the source, it would only require a software to send me the patch information I need for my system and I could compile it and implement it without transferring massive amounts of redundant data over a medium. It is an amplifier of language in the same way that a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million, an interactive VR is worth a billion, and a VR that becomes real is worth its weight in reality. A diff-patch is again a million times more informative as it simply describes what form is in the context and what change is made in which aspect.

It also keys to a point of contact for the implementation of private nets that can bypass the structure of the internet. The movement of data exchange has evolved over time from telegraph, telephone, FAX, Dial up BBS, Internet, Phone+internet, and now free nodes of a global interchange. It is an advantage economically to have all traffic move through channels that someone can control and profit from, however, that process is becoming ever more poisoned by greed and government interest.

By amplifying the effect of information transfer, I can send a few bytes of data each day that represents terabytes of information in and old and now soon to be obsolete form.

The changes in technology seem to always catch people by surprise, because that is its nature. You cannot know or anticipate the effect of that which is to be discovered. The idea of TXT SPK, IMHO shows some signs of this & IRL IDK , OMG U R MY BFF :) AFAIK

So --- Organism #65291 Chromosome #12 Gene #23 Base Pair #8 --- Replace G as A and recompile. ##Comment -- This fix is for an exploit used by the newly evolved virus # Please make this change or you will probably die in a few days, Cheers##. It is pretty easy to keep an XML of this stuff and even an SQL with XSL for HTML and CSS.

You may not understand the implications of this immediately, but eventually somebody is going to catch on and explain it to everybody in detail.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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