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In reference to using DNA as a fiber optic material at The Daily Galaxy. AND this article at Slashdot about protein controlled evolution.

It is inherent in the nature of a biological organism that it is selected on the basis of its fitness to the universe. As such, it incorporates Knowledge of the universe itself that is completely unknown to science in many cases. It is inherent in the process as we are made of materials that are composed of Protons and Neutrons and electrons that interact exactly as they are. This means that any organism has existential knowledge of the universe that is well beyond the current understanding of science, by its very nature.

I immediately thought when I read the article headline that DNA can be made to generate strands of indefinite length and this constitutes a wire in a sense under the right circumstances. It also constitutes a string of varying strength, a string of varying compression based on its environment, and many other things. It is the perfect building block and why?, because nature has chosen it with all the knowledge in the universe at its disposal.

On another topic of Selection by Death.

In a story about Hobbit-man they described that they became smaller over time on an island and that simply implies some mechanism that is not functioning in that case. Selection acts through death and when large creatures do not have enough diversity resources to maintain a breed-able population then it dies and there is no transform of larger to smaller, it is simple selection by survival and death. (Read later as I cover the possible counterpoint)

I also sparked on something in the process of that thought about ants and the ant Queen. Selection takes place when the mating flight extends to great heights and the improperly formed mates are left near the earth as they are incapable of functioning that well to achieve the goal. In addition I suspect that a mechanism is present in the queen's mind to control the genetic evolution of the species and perform a type of genetic engineering that people are just discovering.

Here is the mechanism. The queen stores multiple haploid types from each mating drone. By selecting chambers it can lay eggs that are of a specific mating type and sense the state of the hive. It can then switch mating types and do this again, until the association between generated ant type and behavior is developed. At this point, a change in hive conditions can be moderated by the selection of a different haploid. This is merely speculation, however I assume that nature is always going to take advantage of any possibility to get advantage over chaos.

The article linked by slashdot also suggested something very unusual and perhaps it is possible for a species to "become small" by sensing the environment and controlling its own evolution.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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