Molecules are sneaky

I recently took organic chemistry, molecular genetics, and organic lab. I was a practicing chemist at 19 and worked in a lab. That was 1967. I could see that the way in which molecules are assumed to interact was flawed and incomplete. The idea that every molecule can interact with every other molecule is obviously wrong. Many people think that chemistry is an old and complete science where no dramatic new things will be discovered. The chemistry I see performed is barely above alchemist in my opinion. Two parts Earth, four parts fire and three parts animal tincture. The chemistry is too simplistic in its representation of the interaction of molecules. Their interaction is more like a very complicated lock and key. That is why I blended an ankh key for the post. I am beginning to enjoy using blender, just for the heck of it.

If you are new to blender I started with a torus, bound select with hidden faces on, scale, picked a point on the torus that was symmetrical, used bounding box with hidden faces off, extruded with limit x, then the sides with limit y. All simple stuff and it took about 15 minutes and then I subsurfed it and snapped it. I did it twice in two different pages and combined them, because I was having so much fun.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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