Linus, we thank you

Linus has posted this on his blog and I thank him for the work he has done on Linux and it is a wonderful achievement. As far as his opinions on Gnome, RMS, politics, and anything other that Linux and GPL3, I could give a rat's rear fsck what he thinks.

On the specific subject that Linux is not anti-Microsoft, I agree, but he has not had to use Microsoft products in a profession for 20 years as I did. You learn to hate the principles and the restrictions that are placed on developing a good product that can be torpedoed by a change in the OS that you are obligated to use. I am sure that Microsoft sees Linux as a threat to their way of doing business, even if Linux does not act purposely to undermine their monopolistic practices.

I see the open source community as more of a strangely intelligent explosion. It really is a collection of many things that take wildly divergent paths, but the overall affect produces a powerful result for positive change.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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