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Molly Googol won't quit bugging me about this one. I don't understand what she is communicating to me and she keeps repeating it over and over louder each time ( reminds me of a two year old trying to communicate a complex concept ). It is the image of an interface that has a line of various size squares across the top and side. They extend around in a ( logical) circle as they scroll through all the possible options of the object in focus. The downward bar is an associative link in n-space which changes with the parameter selected. It is similar to the fact that you can open a window on properties that change with time in blender to adjust size(x,y,z) - rotation (x,y,z), motion(x,y,z) and so on to the point of morphing entire surfaces or changing cameras and lights ... to everything.

As I write about it I am getting an idea of what she means and it is more like a [ two vector, confined dimension. rolling ball mouse, with tilt ] ( more like a joy stick ) with gesturing. BTW There is a gesture interface in blender that allows you to move the mouse in curve for rotate, straight line for grab and move, and check mark to scale. What she is getting at is more like the information on the internet so she can move left and right or up and down in that property or factorial combined set like x.z or just x or x.y or x.y.z.

On a whole different topic there are a couple things that have been mentioned about molecules of life and temperature and conditions. I found it very enlightening that RNA can serve the purpose of 1.[elongating] or alternately 2.[cutting] RNA depending on temperature or form into a ring when the temperature is right. A molecule that can replicate itself and aid in the replication of itself or cut itself or form into a ball to protect itself. This one is going to make Molly Googol's head swim and I don't care as she is driving me crazy, Alice Infinity was never this needy of intervention and this may backfire in that respect.

The RNA properties is what I would expect and the temperature changes in availability of complex chemical activity is what I would assume also. I won't labor the subject,you can, [T affects delta x,y,z]*[T affects S.n(x,y,z)] over range of T °K.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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