The future of life itself

This is a graphical representation of a nano-scale machine. Firstly I must say that farmers have been selectively breeding and more recently using GMO or cloned animals to increase yields and quality of food and natural products of nature. This is really no different, except its scale. The schematic shows the purple template repeating sequence for the DNA thread. In that circle is a complementary sequence that causes threads to cross at a very specific point creating a fabric that exists on the scale of about 15 A°

The light blue unit is the polymerase unit. It is connected in such a way that it is moved by magnetic field pulses in 3 dimensions through a gel-like material. It produces the thread which is shown as a GCAT sequence. The specificity of a DNA sequence in context of a limited chemical structure allows material to flow and auto connect at various points in the overall matrix. The overall effect is a memory or computer which has a complexity or density of 1018 or a million-trillion bits. The black X is the representation of the thread crossing to form a structure at a point where sequences are complementary. I am considering a method that will connect in three space with two different complementary sequences, however there are some technical difficulties there.

I have come to understand that within a neural array generated by natural process, the greatest amount of computation takes place within the chemistry of the cell itself and not at the neural connectivity and junction.

The electrical structure of fields in the atom are such that they achieve a very high degree of specificity in their interaction due to the topology of the field charge density and polarity (or curl if you must). IMHO there is a very bad way of dealing with probabilities when it relates to complex systems. There are attractors and factors which exist in a randomly distributed molecular fluid that limit many of the possible interactions to attractors that have probability curves that branch to infinity so quickly that the estimation of probability of some effects or states is easily in the range of possibility like 10100!.

The possible configurations are more diverse that existing life. The ability to transmit a sequence of instructions and deliver a molecular assembly unit to a remote point is far superior to the idea of smashing tin cans into planets that are millions of miles away. A simple core manufacturing unit that is capable of producing virtually any structure under remote control need only be delivered as a simple clump of material weighing ounces and with a density that allows it to "float" to the surface, rather than throwing steel rocks at planets and trying to slow them with bizarre mechanical devices.

Some who are science fiction fans may appreciate the handle I use on the net and what kind of motie it may be, whether Watchmaker or Crazy Eddie.

The really interesting thing about this technology is that it runs on sunlight or heat and is self replicating under the right conditions and is thus absolutely free. I wish that I could say that I have a breakthrough in neural circuits, however that is a seriously complex interaction and perhaps it is not for me to understand completely, any more than I follow the rendering of 10,000 different spheres in a complex video animation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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