Coherence is in the works

It has been a long road that I thought could be traveled in a few weeks, but it has taken me months to integrate the core of antfarmgl. New things continually become apparent as I establish methods. I have a good outline and I suspect I can make a coherent first pass at version 0.2 of the whole system directed from XML to C and Python and models that are blender compatible as well as SVG and VRML. I think that blender3 is what I am aiming at. It is a method of creating a blender file that creates a blender file that creates a blender environment as the interface to the user. It acts through several intermediaries that script the relationships so that they are visible and intuitive.

Major division of scale.
  1. Thus As parts: Molecular
  2. DNA-RNA-protien machines
  3. sub-cellular systems
  4. cell systems
  5. organs
  6. organisms
  7. neural process
  8. community behavior

There is still a lot of testing and successive approximation to be done, and automated feedback should make that easier with a closed loop system from a camera to physical objects and the ability to snatch images from the Xorg buffer with a driver that compares physical results to virtual results.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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