Blender script day , Maybe

Things that I am thinking about doing today.

  1. blender python
  2. shell script backup and restore
  3. perl image handling
  4. python image handling and / or PyOpengl
  5. c code integration of common methods
  6. finish openGL OS on top of Linux
  7. blender video creation to post on blog
  8. Upload .blend and svg files to the web site and link a page of them from the blog
  9. scare a squirrel
  10. blender animation
  11. openGL import of blender models
  12. object - method associations matrix
  13. testing virtual DNA of various organisms starting with ants
  14. neuron simulation tests in c language
  15. shell script file structure management of duplicates and unused files
  16. Open Document formatting with XML integrated with SVG and my own personal Wiki on Apache
  17. SSH configurations and remote desktop
  18. testing some new methods I learned from slashdot
  19. mechanical tests of nanomachines
  20. Searching for bleeding edge versions for my tools
  21. Updating antfarmgl documentation to indicate current state and logging in to check status.

I will probably jump around these subjects at random and see if I can bring some new order to them in my computer and indexed physical notebooks. I should be able to become more prolific and have a single console command to pipeline multimedia presentation of blender movies and instructionals for antfarmgl, straight to the website and blog.

And of course the obligatory random external events of the universe like this information at ScientificBlogging about protein nanotech that can even recreate works of art at the scale of a human hair.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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