Blender essential knowledge

Well this all starts with Quanta web page creator as it is easy to make these posts this way and it is a way to use the available free Linux technology to make life really simple. The blogger post tool is convenient for just plain text but I get tired of typing some of my own HTML tags. Quanta has far more elegant options than blogger for generating HTML.

This is an ongoing blender learning experience to get the most common key strokes to become more familiar by repetition and having an easy reference in my own format.

I used Kcolorchooser with named colors so I can repeat the background colors exactly the same way each time, once I have found set of colors that I think is easy to read on the blog.

The source of this information is books, blender help screens, essential blender, blender noob to pro, experience.Getting familiar with the key strokes is absolutely essential to using blender without frustration. I can start from an empty palette and have an animated image of a cartoon character in less than 2 minutes. My first blender adventure months ago was extremely frustrating because I like to just jump into things. By trying to control everything with the mouse and menus I quickly became frustrated because of the time involved and the unexpected results from even a few key strokes. Once you understand how to use most of the keys below, blender will become a tool that allows the expression of ideas. Just taking a few minutes each day to explore a new feature or understand a new menu will make the task seem less daunting. I enjoy the single concept .blend tutorials as they allow a point and click survey of some of the possibilities.

This is just a tour of keys that are a must know.
Meta keys Key Action Description
NumPad 0 Camera view Toggle back and forth between using the camera view of the scene
NumPad 1 Front View scene
NumPad 3 Right Side view scene
NumPad 7 Top view scene
NumPad 5 Switch perspective view Ortho and perspective
NumPad 4,2,6,8 Rotate view
Z switch between solid and wire frame to see hidden surfaces
Tab Switch Edit and Object modes
X Y Z Confine axis Can be used with shift to make more than one axis confinement
R G Rotate and Grab
F12 render image From the camera view with textures
control Arrow L or R Frame layout
control Arrow Up or Down Full screen view frame
I Insert key frame
shift S Snap menu
N Selected Object properties This is a real gem to know
Arrows Change animation position
Mouse RMB Select
Mouse MMB Move in 3D
Shift P Quick render of drawing area Constant tiny popup screen to see where you are headed when making complex detail changes.


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Automated Intelligence
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