Society with unlimited energy

Though many people are talking about going "green" with everything, I think we need to prepare for the reality of a developing situation where the total energy of the nucleus is available to be used. I am never 100% certain of anything, however the existence of unlimited clean and simple energy production will transform the very nature of life itself. I find it very hard to believe that if energy were so plentiful that I could take a small section of Earth and move it to Mars at virtually no economic cost, that there would be a great will to establish nations to control a resource that is virtually boundless.

It implies that money or gold or any material is obsolete as an exchange and that knowledge / information is really the only thing that could be seen as having real value in a society that was not scratching at the last vestige of a limited reserve. I am trying to assure myself that the knowledge of how to convert the nucleus to clean energy is going to do good and not harm. I suppose it depends on how dedicated rulers are to maintaining and enforcing their will over others and it becomes a question of whether some person will choose to destroy the entire human race in a vain attempt to be its master.

I have read some very interesting articles on things as diverse as magnetic properties of water, DNA and water field interactions, nuclear memory, 3D silicon arrays, bacteria that can become their own ecosystem, organisms that can live in a vacuum, and many more things. I am trying to integrate all of this with a method that makes predictable sense of how to use this knowledge.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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