I see different things

This article at scientific blogging about plant sex is interesting, but I see a correlation between this and regulated cell growth that is necessary for form. The existence of a trigger mechanism of cell duplication screams for an association with cancer.

The gene FBL17 is very interesting in that context, and I see the mechanism and wonder where it might apply in other systems. I also read that genetics may become the new open source 'threat' to science, when individuals are able to investigate and understand their own bodies in such a way that they can have a stable, secure, usable, and free body. That would be a horrible nightmare if people could heal themselves by getting free information and methods from the common effort of socially responsible people.

I have observed and analyzed some very unusual relationships in international politics lately and I think that terrorism and crime is the partner of big government. That might seem totally wacko, but consider who gains when people are frightened by economic collapse and terror. In response to a horribly criminal thing like blowing up a building, the governments feel it is necessary to invoke a military state that gives them nearly absolute control of citizens. This seems to be the method of gaining power and I suspect that any abuser uses fear to isolate their victim and make them feel helpless to control their own destiny and thus become enslaved by their fear.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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